Five Things We Learnt From P-Square Fight As Peter Okoye Splits From Group (Must Read!!)

Good Times!
I must confess when i saw the circulated video of Peter, Paul & Jude Okoye in an heated argument that almost resulted to blows at their Lawyer’s office, my first reaction to it was ‘Not Again!!’
On Naijaloaded, i have lost count of how many articles we have on the P-Square fight saga-It is becoming another day in the office thing.
Still, Here Are 5 Things We Have Learnt From The P-Square Fight This Time Around:
1- Family Does Not Mean Bonding
If you followed the successful P-Square group right from the genesis of their career, you will be stunned at why they are choosing to go solo, if you value family, you will be sad seeing the abuse and show of fist in Festus Keyamo’s office.
Remember They boldly told us back in the days, ‘Peter and Paul them be 1 no be 2.’
2- Paul Okoye And Jude Seem To Be On The Same Team
If you saw the video from their lawyer’s office, Paul Okoye and Jude teamed up to fight Peter Okoye who was probably recording the video.
3-  Peter Is Ready To Stand Alone!
From his social media posts, decision to launch his own Youtube channel, and finally the Legal Dissolution it seems Peter wanted out a long time ago.
4-  Peter Probably Leaked The  Video Online To Gain Sympathy
Again, on the apparent fight video at Keymao’s office, we saw that Paul and Jude are on the same side against Peter.
Now Peter is the poor guy left to stand alone. Eiya.
5-  P-Square Could Still Come Back?
What if in the end this is a publicity stunt JUST LIKE THE LAST TIME. What if Peter, Paul and Jude are having fun in a Jacuzzi right now; drinking wine and watching the social media uproar on their split as they prepare to sell their upcoming album.
But there is always another side to the coin: What if this fight is truly real?! what if this is the end of Peter and Paul?!
We are left in limbo..

Will Peter, Paul and Jude Reconcile??! Will We Hear Another Song From P-Square?? Is This The End?? Drop Your Thoughts Below!!

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