How To Avoid Sleeping In Church

The preacher stood in the pulpit, arm on his microphone wearing a nicely tailored suit that seemed to have celestial powers. He walked majestically across the altar and spoke on a topic that caught your attention.
You were interested because of the vigor of his message, you then decided to pay him 100% attention. Your eyes were fixated on him as he moved and demonstrated his words like a professional ballerina.
As you continued to digest his teachings, your brain began to play scenarios of situations that link to his teachings and you began to envision what he said in your head then suddenly you jerk up as you feel the tap on your shoulders by the church usher..
“uncle please situp”
You were dreaming the whole time…
Now this scenario is different for various people but the effect are always the same. Sleeping in church has been a major problem in the lives of many church goers and pastors as well. It has even been termed a spiritual problem caused by evil spirit who pass out the bliss of sleep to prevent people from hearing the word and also makes most preachers feel their sermon is boring enough to induce sleep.
Ok lets not get diabolical most church ushers can attest to the fact that during homily 40% of the congregation tends to fall asleep Irrespective of the type of message being preached.
If you find yourself amongst the lot of people who have a tendency to doze off whenever homily starts, if you promise yourself every Sunday to stay awake but end up dozing in church or constantly have to fight with tiry and weary eyes in church, well you are not alone and i hope these few tips below will be of immense help.
Simple as it might sound, this is very vital. Most people work so hard that they forget to sleep or get enough of it. Waking up very early and going to bed late has become the norm for most people and while you may think you have mastered that lifestyle you find yourself dozing off at the most unconventional locations.
Accumulated stress and sleep deprivation makes the body weak and ready to shut down at the slightest opportunity it gets. It might be inside a car as a passenger or in a saloon, in a quiet banking hall, at work or in church but as soon as the body gets a chance to relax and calm, it tends to shut down with sleep.
So while you are trying to stay awake in that fully air conditioned church with only the pastor’s voice as a distraction you might as well be fighting a lost battle.
This also works, keeping a conscious muscular activity keeps you sort of busy to prevent that moment of lapse when your subconscious takes over and you are left to the mercy of the church usher.
Shake your legs, pinch your laps, clinching your butt cheek are good examples of clandestine muscular activities that doesn’t attract attention to you but also keeps you codedly busy while on your seat.
This is one of the biggest reasons why people fall asleep in church. Always bring yourself back to reality by mumbling (not thinking) a few controlled phrases like “stay awake” repeatedly.
Do not allow your mind to drift away into the vast space of thoughts about work or that relationship or money. Day dreaming like this or getting lost in thought is the quickest way to slumber and a visit from the usher. Control your thoughts.
shout alleluia, (jump if necessary) wave hands, sing, stand, do whatever it takes tk stay active and try to vibe with the message. Even if its a boring message stay active by looking and participating enthusiastically and actively.
That pew in front of you with the head rest especially in Catholic and Anglican church can be really tempting and comfortable to rest your head just for a few seconds
Do not fall for it, it is the surest way to dreamland and an embarrassing encounter with the usher. If you feel like you have lost the battle with sleep just bring out your phone and scroll through. Check your bible application or chrck something interesting for a few seconds, it helps but whatever you do, don’t go for the headrest.
Well i hope i have been able to help someone with this, please drop your comments on any other way you can use to combat sleep. Thanks yall

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