A drunk ma told Police His Car Was Stolen, But Instead, He Forgot It At A Beer Parlor After Getting Drunk In Lagos, Gets Arrested

Find Below a Statement from the Rapid Respond Squad (RRS):
It is Friday again, If you want to drink, Drink Responsibly.
Last week Friday, Jude, a resident of Anthony Village was drunk to the point that he forgot his Toyota Camry 2010 Model at a beer parlour only to wake up around 03:30 a.m. Saturday morning to misinform the police that his car had been stolen from where it was parked at his residence.
The police in investigating the theft sent detectives out to the area.
Investigations revealed that no vehicle entered nor exited the enclosure, where the vehicle was allegedly stolen.
Close investigation into the life style of the complainant revealed that he is a drunkard.
This lead prompted police officers to visit the beer parlour where the complainant was alleged to have rendezvoused a night before.
The car was at 8:08 a.m. recovered few meters away from the beer parlour with every part of the vehicle intact.
He was detained briefly and counselled before he was allowed to go.
This Friday, let us not drink like Uncle Jude. Pleasant Weekend.

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