Bobrisky Says His ‘Bae’ Is A Government Official

Popular Nigerian cross-dresser, also known as the Nigerian male Barbie, Idris Okuneye aka Bobrisky, has said that his lover is a government official.

Bobrisky unraveled the identity of his most talked about partner on Snapchat on Tuesday and hinted that his partner is over 50 years.
The Nigerian Snapchat sensation also revealed that he prefers his partner, ”old rather than young.”
“Both ex and present bae are over 50 years old; I like them old. Dating a government official is sweet but the trouble you face in it is hard. My bae has locked me up before,” he said. 
Since Bobrisky’s emergence on the Nigerian social scene a few years ago, the real identity of his lover, who is believed to finance his lavish lifestyle has been shrouded in secrecy.
A big spender, Bobrisky is always quick to attribute his wealth to his lover, whom he fondly refers to as his bae (lover).
A self-confessed homosexual, when he was arrested at his Lekki, Lagos home on November 10 and released a day after, was full of thanks to his bae, whom he said facilitated his release on bail.
In a short time, Bobrisky has become one of Nigeria’s most talked-about individual on social media. 
Google Nigeria has also listed him as one of Nigeria’s most searched individuals in 2017.
The Nigerian internet celebrity became popular with the use of Snapchat. On the social networking app, Bobrisky is either ‘twerking’, marketing his skin-bleaching cream or talking about his faceless ‘bae’.
Each of his snaps, attracts thousands of viewers, a feat very few Nigerian celebrities can boast of.
A few months ago, after his unfiltered pictures went viral, Bobrisky made the decision to go premium on the app. He announced that he will start charging his followers N10,000 monthly to view his snaps from August 15, 2017.
However,  he has returned to his regular Snapchat since October due to complaints from his fans that they could not afford his premium

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