For the past few year’s Jtown Artists and fellow Entertainers have been doing great in the industry. A lot have been going on in the Jos Industry which made most entertainers being ignorant. 
DJ Noreous a pro blogger, web designer, Promoter and a Disc Jockey have been observing the erros and wrong doing here in the industry. He stated below: 
To The Artist: Keep ur huzil going keep cooking gud music, meanwhile most Artists here in jos have been keeping it real, 70% of the artist find it difficult to perform on stage, some fight over perfomance slot which is completely dissapointing. Every artist should swallow his or her pride and work with upcoming. Recently Bizakeem was signed to a record label after weeks he Unfollowed his main promoter on Instagram by the name DJ Deekay, and dis was his statement (You Don start dey get bread and u frgot the baker) every jos artist should smallow his or her pride or it gona be a way to failure. #FixUpYaLifes 
To The Producers: To be a good producer u need to go beyond expectations. Most producers dont give quality production to the artist, how do u expect your work to be the best. #FixUpYaLifes
To The Bloggers: Most Jos bloggers find it difficult to promote an artist? A blogger will be paid to promote an artist but his promotions always end up on WathApp groups or Facebook groups. U call ur self a blogger but u don’t have a social page of ur’s u don’t know how to make use of trending sites like Twitter , SoundCloud and much more. Jtown bloggers dont make use of the trending stories within the community all the cared for is to post top trending celebrities story? How abt the home base artist? 
#Flashback 27th August @Pop Ent show at Crest Hotel, Pop Jaay had a misunderstanding with Bishop C but no blogger captured the incident to share it to the industry? #FlashBack Snow As Ice called out on blogger’s to put out hands and promote Emzzy _E #EologyE.Punfortunately he only called out his frends to the project without calling on other bloggers and dat is greed & Selfish interest #FixUpYaLives 
To The Event Planner’s: Event planner’s here in jos are very dissapointing? U fix up an event with no strategy. Most artists find themselves in fr a show and were not informed? How do u expect us to move together? #FlashBack B.O.C Madaki once made a statement consining event planners. he added (Stop fixing me up in a show am not aware of). Corruption has taken over the industry, which lead to paying cash for Awards like (JIN Awards) and many others. #FixUpYaLives
To The Disc Jockeys (DJ) : A DJ is dat same person who entertained the public with good music. All Deejays need to strt improving thier standard cus I see no reason a DJ will be paid less cash for ,an event and expect the best out of him. 
And his the man of the event! All deejay’s should fix up and start giving out good service
To The Video Director’s: Mixer on the Beat have been the only director doing his best here in jos but Fam keep mocking him over his video shoot? For the record (Mankind Was Not Build by a Single Nation) Mixer is trying and he will keep trying again #FixUpYaPride  
Note: # millznations entertainment has just started and no story consing Jos Industry will pass by, and I hope fellow bloggers will come around and understand the point out of this. #LetAllLearnHowToSpendMoneyToMakeMoney.

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