UNILORIN Unveils New Rules For Students, Bans Dreadlocks, Heavy Makeups And More

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The management of the University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) has banned female students of the institution from wearing heavy makeups or hair extensions; even as it prohibited them from wearing hair attachment, and any form of Brazilian hair among others.
In a memo dated January 22, 2018, the university declared that anyone that fails to adhere to these instructions will be sanctioned according to the school’s rules and regulations.
UNILORIN Unveils New Rules For Students, Bans Dreadlocks, Heavy Makeup
UNILORIN Unveils New Rules For Students, Bans Dreadlocks, Heavy Makeup Among Others
The school said male students must not weave their hair or sag their trousers.
It will be recalled, the management of the varsity had shared this notice on its website in 2017;
It read: “Female students should avoid among other things, wearing short, skimpy dress, skirts above the knee, tight trousers, see-through material, un-packed hair, fittings or hair attachment.”
“Male students should also avoid sagging, tattered trousers, knickers and unacceptable hairstyles.”
“Every student must hang student I.D card on his/her neck.
“You are hereby required to note that the following constitute inappropriate mode of dressing that will not be tolerated in the university environment (including lecture halls, library, laboratories, examination venues, seminar rooms, faculties and administrative building as well as in university vehicles):
  • Dress that exposes any sensitive parts of the body e.g. cleavage, chest, back, navel, thigh and armpit (clothes that reveal the armpits when hands are raised e.g. sleeveless/half sleeves);
  • Tight fitting wears;
  • Transparent/See Through Wears;
  • Tattered Jeans/Ripped Jeans;
  • T-shirts with obscene inscriptions, depicting immorality, hooliganism, etc.;
  • Indelible markings and body tattoos by male students;
  • Leggings/Jeggings trousers with short top;
  • Skimpy dresses e.g. Spaghetti, Camisole only, body hugs, topless blouse and shorts;
  • Knickers;
  • Bathroom slippers not acceptable within the administrative and academic areas;
  • Heavy make-ups;
  • Sagging trousers;
  • Wearing of earrings by male students;
  • Rumpled and dirty clothes;
  • Skin/ear piercing by male students;
  • Dread, Galax, Fadeout and Rough Coil Haircuts, Unkempt Appearance; and
  • Hair plaiting or weaving by male students.

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