Gist: Reinhard Tega Set to Reveal What "Arewa" Truly Means Soon (Read Full gist Below)

Reinhard Tega and his team have been populating Instagram recently with the HASHTAG #myarewa We've seen different arts resT fwith "Arewa" written on them with the "Reinhard Tega" (RT) logo. (please link the name to my instagram page). These arts of different women has left a lot of us wondering what it's all for. As we've seen some notable influencers post it not only on their pages but in Insta stories too. It isn't surprising that even Audu Maikoki, one of the founders of the well known record label, Chocolate City Music, also posted the arewa design on his page
We got to find out that Arewa means "North" in Hausa language but in Yoruba language, it means "beauty".

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