Music-Tije Manari_Yawa Go Dah_Prod By Marizy

Bed's tije Manari is here with another banger a relentless artist set to blow out his charisma!

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             SONG LYRICS
Scarfboi Tije Manari... Ma Nari......
Is marizy the gifted one....

Baby baby make u no come do me like this... this... this....
Baby make u no come do me like this.. This.. This.

I no go go if u no send me...
I no do if u no let me..
I no go touch if u no bless me....
Yawa go day ohhhh
No be only fish sabi swim water...
For ur tea I be ur choco Milo.
If e bitter put sugar...
Sisi yawa go dah

Baby yawa go day.....
Yawa go day....
Aunty Yawa go day ohhh...
Yawa go day.
Baby Yawa go day ohhhh
Yawa go day
Baby yawa go day.. .
Yawa go day Ohh

                                Verse 1

Some the under rate tiyo
Some go jubilate tiyo
Latter them go hibernate tiyo
Cos tommoro get belle

(Life na turn by turn
Every body get him turn
No use ur turn niyo spoil another man turn )x2

Baby baby make u no come do me like this. This. This..
Baby make u no do me like this..this. This


I get this baby for sokoto
She come mu closer mu hau godo....
Na che baby why u the do me like this.. This... This...
My sokoto girl no the chop last....
She get another guy way Douglass... She what chop me raw like caprice siyo...
But yawa go day ohhhh
I no go play with ur love oh
I no go push u for ground oh
I go give u my heart ohhhh..




Out roll
Baby make we dance sukus siyo.... Sukus...
Make we dance Sukus siyo
Marizy on the beat tiyo...
Baby yeh....
Is marizy the gifted one

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