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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Article-The recent rebellion in Tarok Land is purely political[Mamfa Pongwak (Adewalé) Joshua]
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Written by Mamfa Pongwak (Adewalé) Joshua.

The recent rebellion in Tarok Land is purely political, and the politicians have exploited the vulnerable in our society (hunger-striken and jobless youth) to make their mark and cause confusion.

The Tarok man who is known for his unity and fraternity among many good qualities, has suddenly started experiencing cracks in his bond.

Youth who are used because they're unfortunately lacking in home training and the orientation of life, shamelessly and  outrightly insult elders and stakeholders representing the interests of the whole nation at the local, state and national levels.

Yes it seems like the time for the redemption of the Tarok nation is come, for us to make a stand and contribute our rare quota for the growth and development of Plateau state, and largely Nigeria. But this division would surely take us no where. This is that time where we should concentrate our forces in our political heavyweights who have made names for themselves and put the Tarok nation on the map, and are about to pave or open the future gates for the rest of us.

Lets keep our personal interests aside, and put our nation forth.

Have we not noticed that the Tarok man is technically marginalized in terms of socio-economic activities comprising education, healthcare and basic amenities such as water, media and electricity? The little we have or have acquired, achieved or attained are mostly due to personal struggles and not governmental intervention or dividends. That's how ambitious and enduring the Tarok man can be (a go getter). But how long do we seek to excuse the government? If they can't help us, then maybe we should govern ourselves... if not for anything, the number of mentally retarded people walking about in Langtang should concern us.. or the hardship in accessing potable drinking water should shiver our spines.

Don't forget that we were the most despicable tribe here on the Plateau, and all we had was each other;  We stood together, fought together, toiled and starved together.... why the conflict of interests  just when harvests seem due?

I know my people are borne of warriors with a heart of diamond and the strongest will to conquer anything, but lets use more of our heads than our muscles in war- politics particularly, for that's how the Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo nations stood and grew to their current enviable positions.

We need discipline in this period. Lets keep our focus as we seek to grow as a strong and indivisable nation  beyond just Plateau State and Nigeria, but we look to a time when the Tarok nation (Her people and Culture) would be celebrated in Africa and the world over. The time to begin that journey is now, and we must do it together.

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