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Monday, 10 December 2018

Five Reasons You And Your Partner Are Not As Close As You Used To Be
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Every relationship has its ups and downs and there are different reasons why you and your partner may find out that you aren’t as close as you used to be.
If one or both partners were unfaithful, recovering a sexual connection can be difficult. No matter the partner that cheated, the trust, which is such an important part of the intimate connection, has been eroded. This makes it difficult to fall back into each other’s arms.
Experts recommend couples therapy but explains that therapy alone is not always sufficient in helping couples to resume a sexual relationship. Slowly reconnecting in ways that feel safe for the partner who was cheated on, along with the changed dynamic between the partners develop through the couples therapy can begin to heal and create intimacy between them once again.
Tension In The Relationship
Wherever the conflict is coming from, whether your partner is neglecting to do the Simple things you request of them, if not properly addressed, can cause a rift between couples.
You have to address the resentments, resolve the conflicts, apologize and learn to communicate more effectively.
Feeling unappreciated
If your partner feels as though you take them for granted, despite everything they do for you, it may result in a severance of closeness. To solve this problem, find a quiet moment to sit with them and tell them how much you love and appreciate them.
Dedicate more quality time to them and your relationship by going on dates, reading relationship books, and spending more quality time together.
Lashing out
everyone has rough days. While there’s nothing wrong with sharing details of a tough day with your significant other to garner support, you should avoid using hard words or being dismissive when you’re in a foul mood.
Lack of exercise
When you get your heart rate up and start sweating mid-workout, your body is releasing what’s known as endorphins, or feel-good chemicals in your brain that put you in a better mood. This alone can make you more interested in hitting the sheets with your partner, and inadvertently help you build closeness.
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