Lady cries Out-I’ve dated BILLIONAIRES & I’m still not a BILLIONAIRE – Huddah Monroe

Controversial Kenyan socialite and beauty entrepreneur, Huddah Monroe recently shook some tables after she took to social media to dish out some pretty interesting piece of advice.
While many people believe in working hard for their money, there are few people who would rather get money the easy way; one of them being sleeping around for money.
Well, Kenyan beauty entrepreneur, Huddah Monroe has a few words for such people. She recently took to social media to share her thoughts on the ideology. According to Monroe, wealth is not sexually transmitted.
See her post below:
In her own words,
I’ve dated BILLIONAIRES & I’m still not a BILLIONAIRE….. WEALTH IS NOT SEXUALLY transmitted! You gotta Slave for your own shit!……. All day everyday!
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