No Yahoo Boy Will Give You Money And Your Destiny Stays Intact'- Elmore Hodus

Tinny entertainment in- house producer and BED C.E.O  El-More has come out today to advice the youth againts being part of the illigal activities which have been a trend in Nigeria for the past few months (Cyber Crime) which is also known in Nigeria as (Yahoo Yahoo). On his recent post he advice both Male/Femalea to get up and work also stating that "No Yahoo boy will give you money and your destiny stays intact"

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"Pls do not let anyone deceive u. Yahoo business is not good. Pray and work smart, don't put ur hands into something u will regret. And the girls that the yahoo boys gives u the money, pls go n do a deliverance. No yahoo boy will give u money n ur destiny stays intact. Brotherly advice."

Everybody in Nigeria knows Yahoo boys who they are, what they do, and what they are famous for. Some praise them, some distaste their activities.
The only thing that stays unchanged is the fact that they are into cyber crime which have made some Nigerian youth indulge in illigal act. eg Ritual, using of Pants etc...... #SayNoToYahooYahoo

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