How To Hack Your Girlfriend’s WhatsApp In 2020

Do you suspect your girlfriend is cheating? Or you think the love of your life might just be someone else’s sidepiece? This article will help you become a pro at taking charge of your relationship life.
Being in a relationship in this century is such a headache, with the existence of social media, there are insecurities flying around like snow during Christmas. It is now very easy for your girlfriend to cheat on you through social media applications such as WhatsApp which allows her to instantly message anyone from around the world on the go.
But not to worry, I’m here for you. This is a trusted and tested method that will help you keep tabs on your girlfriend’s WhatsApp communications, even when she deletes them, you will have complete access to what she’s up to all the time.
How Is This Even Possible?
I know, you must be thinking urrghh! That’s nearly impossible, but dear boyfriend, it is and I will teach you a few methods that work!
  1. Whatsapp Web Hack
This is one of the easiest ways to hack your girlfriend’s WhatsApp, and what makes it even more interesting? It’s the fact that it is really easy to accomplish.
Step 1: Invite her over to your house for lunch or dinner (preferably dinner, so she’ll sleepover and you’ll have a field day after some hot sex and she falls asleep if your girlfriend doesn’t fall asleep after sex, please stick to lunch haha)
Step 2: Open WhatsApp on her phone and click on the right-hand corner, then the WhatsApp web feature it’ll prompt you to connect the WhatsApp to your web browser (please be careful, don’t open any unread messages if not she’ll notice when she wakes up *winks*)
Step 3: Open up your web browser and log in to

Step 4: Scan the QR barcode that pops up on the laptop screen with her phone and you’re good to go! Anytime she opens up her WhatsApp, as long as you have a good internet connection, it becomes “Our WhatsApp”!
DISCLAIMER: That’s the easiest method, and it’s for the good boys that might be getting little cold feet. But if you think your girlfriend is a real “Nice Babe” and you can never trust her even if she goes out to the gate to send Adamu on an errand, this next method is for you!
This method is for bad boys that are ready to go all the way. It is important to know that there is no way to hack your girlfriend’s WhatsApp remotely without access to her device first, even if it’s just for 5 minutes.
This method is very efficient and has worked for lots of people that I know. Here are the steps that you need to follow:
The first thing to do is to head over to the official Spyic website and signup for an account. It’s pretty easy;
An Android Device
Step 1: Download the Spyic App on your girlfriend’s phone, probably while she’s asleep (you can try the hot sex method discussed above) or while she’s in the bathroom (this has proven very effective too as ladies spend donkey years in the bathroom, doing God knows what!)
Step 2: Once you’ve installed the app on your girlfriend’s phone, you’re good to go; you’ll have access to all her communications from your own device.
The juicy part is the app takes less than 2Mb of space and will not be seen by the target device user. You will control everything about it from your device stealthily. (James Bond or Not?)
For An Apple Device
This method is even sweeter with an apple device because you do not need access to the phone, all you need is your girlfriend’s iCloud credentials to become the spymaster.
Step 1: Log in to the Spyinc official website and create your account.
Step 2: Verify your girlfriend’s iCloud details, and you will have access to her WhatsApp from any browser on your phone.
Once you have set this up on any of your browsers, you can monitor your girlfriend’s WhatsApp communications from a remote device without getting caught.
Try this, and thank me later.
NOTE: 90% of the time, when you check your girlfriend’s WhatsApp texts, it will end in tears! Especially if she’s a fine girl, so my guy, drink water and mind your business.

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