Mandul Johnson: You Fit Make Am Mp3

According to Mandul Johnson: “8 years ago we were quizzed to write and produce a song in pidgin, being the unifying language of Nigeria, I collaborated with Moses Israel in writing this piece, which during production I discovered was greater than just a school assignment. My suspicions about the song manifested when after the presentation in school, the song was selected to represent the school.
After school, the vision for this song laid dormant actively while it was ever present in my mind. I meditated on it, reworked it multiple times, lost all the data and had to start from the beginning again twice and after 7 years of hard work, diligence and persistence I realized that ‘YOU FIT MAKE AM’
This song was written out of a heartfelt desire to encourage friends and loved ones who have been discouraged, pulled back, told that they aren’t good enough and have thought about giving up. the song is meant to inspire and encourage you never to give up, to keep pressing on and above all trusting in the Creator and giver of life, God almighty. (Trust in Jesus)
The song was produced in Topshots Studios Mandul Johnson who is a prolific musician producer, musician and vocalist.”

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