Adunbe Kusel Adamu [Mentoxica's] Biography :

Adunbe Kusel Adamu, who is better known as Mentoxica is a Gombe, Nigeria born singer/songwriter.  Mentoxica was born in  Cham,  Balanga local government area, Gombe State Nigeria.

First son of his father, 2 sisters and 2 brothers,  he ventured into the music world in the year 2009 and made himself known in the year 2020.
He is a graduate of Biochemistry from Gombe State University,  His father  Mr Adams is a police inspector and his mother, Miss Yodah is a business woman all base in Southern part of Nigeria ( Delta State).

His first single track was titled: LET ME LOVE YOU
 Which was released on February 14th 2020 and has over 15k downloads on a single website, then he dropped another single titled: XICA DANCE,  he went further to release one of the best if not the best track titled: LOOSE CONTROL.
His future seems promising as he is about to release two more singles; one titled: TBT an acronym for Turn by Turn and the other one  titled: Damiyu ( my heart)  in cham dialect.

You can connect with Mentoxica on social media via this platforms:
Fb: Adunbe De mentoxica
IG: official_mentoxica
Twt: mentoxica01

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