My opinion and Real fact about PH entertainment concerning the 10 million Wike donation –Ethrice Ekpen

 Is this the Way forward to the port harcourt entertainment growth we have always pray for or a killer? 

A government that mean to help and invest in Entertainment should know actually what to do and not just a donation of 10million Naira each. What Port harcourt artistes need is a good platform such as a good quality studio, promotional company, marketing body which will handle the branding as well as marketing the artiste to the world. 

There are Key factors that comes to play when talking about elevating entertainment in any place or society and of all this factors money happens to be the least of them all.

If entertainment in port harcourt must grow certainly this is not the way to it. Governor Wike out of whatever reason best known to him announced the donation of 10million to every artiste that performs at Burnaboy's homecoming and to my greatest surprise it made headlines. 

If anything is worth doing by the government of Rivers state lead by governor wike, I am of the opinion it would have been to have a round table meeting with experts and captains in Entertainment field and map out a lasting solution to the hindrances to talented Riverines and a level playing field for the real talents to tap into the most lucrative business in the world, Entertainment. 

Alot of people thinks 10million is a whole lot of money but believe me with a good video and good promotion the artiste is already broke and don't forget no matter the promotion without a good follow up every other effort is a waste.

This announcement will not only make the whole world fixed eyes on port harcourt artistes but will also chase away potential investors. There are some things for whatever reasons that shouldn't be played with of which this donation of 10million is one of them. The whole world and lovers of entertainment is watching and counting down from the day the announcement and the money was handed over to the beneficiaries  to see the desire changes in port harcourt Entrainment, sounds, charisma and doings generally. 

Time they say will answer so many questions of which alot of us know how it will all end... 

I wish every port harcourt talented artiste well and pray they all have opportunity to showcase the fire in them that God has blessed them with.

Written by

Ceo Eonerecords 

Ethrice Ekpen

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