Being a Christlike person is gain and you slay in the holy ghost cause Christlike people don't pay bill cause oluwa foot the bills. Be a Christlike person and things fall in pleasant places for you.

About the Group 

 Gospel rappers nation is a 4years old  group of denominational youths with great talent gathering to preach the gospel through rap music. Gospel rappers nation is a place where we believe that everyone can be somebody and with the help of the holy spirit we help in grooming them.

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If it’s power we gat it
Spirit of truth is working
We live above and no stopping
Jesus has set us on fire
No be by our power
No be by our might ooo
But his spirit working in us
That’s why we are unlimited (2x)

Unlimited Christ like
Unlimited Christ like
Unlimited Christ like
Call: eh
Resp: we are unlimited (2x)

Verse 1
Am working in power
Am working in miracles 
Just by the Grace upon my life
Jesus has set me on fire
 I can never ever be out of the tract
Look at my life balance 
Look at my swag gallant
Child of the king in the palace
U wan check my worth is in dollars

Verse 2 
Christ like living life
 24/7 never die no need to fight
Jesus has gave me victory wen he died upon the
Cross I can’t lie
Am working power am working miracles 
No need to brag that is sure
Am working in power am working in miracles
No need to check that’s by the way
Living life is Christ
Dying self is a gain
No need to check
Jesus flowing in my blood 
Jesus flowing in my blood that’s my DNA
(Back to hook/chorus)

Verse 3
Enwerokwam time for nonsense
Enwerokwam time for minors
My gaze’s upon the cross for me he gon be rated a major
I wanna become his identical
And amma spread the word lyrical
See gon contend for the gospel yet again
My friend this can’t be physical
I give you my all an offering
So give me all of you a blessing
I wanna say true to you my God yeah
Even if this world don’t feel me

Verse 4
And I'll always be with you 
Till the end of the age.. Matthew 28:20
Me ah legit child of Messiah 
Working in the Vineyard, my Desire
Amma Steward, when my master comes.. Amma submit all acquired... 
Bringing back the lost sheep, igniting passion for the lost souls! 
When I speak, I spit fire 
Spreading the gospel, ah no go tire. 
Em mah think say den burst mah tyre but journey still fresh. Yanzu naka fara! 
Ah gat power power to do exploit! 
Going higher higher 
With the fire fire!!! 
(Back to chorus)

Verse 5
God has given us power
His grace is sufficient
No shaking no lying
His love is too excess
He has pick me up from grass to grace
Set my feet on the rock to stay
Grace is the new swag and that’s the way
He have done me well and bad man will slay
(Back to hook/chorus)

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