Nigerian police to arraign 67 gay suspects


Delta police have announced their intention to arraign 67 individuals who have been identified as gay. This move has sparked outrage and criticism from LGBTQ+ rightsorganizations and activists who argue that the planned arraignments are a clear violation of human rights and an attack on the LGBTQ+ community.

The Delta police claim that the individuals in question were found engaging in "homosexual activities," which they claim is illegalunder Delta law. However, many argue that these laws are outdated, discriminatory, and in violation of international human rights standards.

LGBTQ+ rights organizations and activists have condemned the actions of the Delta police, decrying the targeting and criminalization of individuals based on their sexual orientation. They argue that this is a clear example of homophobia and discrimination, and it goes against the principles of equality and respect for diversity.

Several international human rights organizations, such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have also expressed concern and called for the immediate release of those arrested. They highlight that the criminalization of homosexuality not only violates individuals' rights to privacy and freedom of expression but also contributes to a culture of fear and discrimination within the LGBTQ+ community.

Furthermore, LGBTQ+ activists point out that these arrests and planned arraignments are counterproductive to efforts towards social progress. They argue that the focus should be on educating society, promoting inclusivity, and fostering acceptance and understanding rather than persecuting and punishing individuals based on their sexual orientation.

The outrage surrounding this announcement has led to widespread protests, both within the Delta region and internationally. LGBTQ+ rights demonstrations, advocacy groups, and influencers have united in their condemnation of these actions, calling for the repeal of discriminatory laws and demanding the fair treatment and protection of LGBTQ+ individuals.

In response to the mounting pressure and criticism, representatives from the Delta police force have stated that they will review the arrests and further consider their actions. However, activists remain vigilant, pushing for real and lasting change to protect the rights and dignity of LGBTQ+ individuals in Delta and beyond.

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