Suspected quack doctor allegedly harvests woman’s kidney in Jos

A businessman in Jos, Plateau State, Alhaji Kamal has accused a medical doctor of harvesting one of his wife’s kidneys and subjecting the woman to chronic pain in the last five years.He narrated that sometime in 2018, his wife, Kehinde complained of stomach ache and she was rushed to the said doctor’s clinic in the Nasarawa Gwong area of Jos North local government area where he diagnosed the wife and concluded that she had appendicitis that had ruptured and needed urgent surgery.Speaking with Vanguard on the phone on Wednesday night, Kamal, a resident of the Rikkos area of Jos North said, “About eight years ago, my mum was sick so she was directed and she visited a hospital owned by one Dr. Noah Kekere at Yanshanu, Nasarawa Gwong community of Jos North local government area and in the process of going to the see my mum in the hospital, I got acquainted with the doctor.

“When my wife fell sick in 2018, complaining of severe stomach pain, my mum encouraged us to take her there because my wife used to follow my mum to see the doctor when my mum was sick. As we got there, the doctor did a scan and said my wife had a ruptured appendicitis and must be operated upon immediately and he charged us N140,000. When I called some people to ask about the high bill as I planned to take her to JUTH, they advised we should just go ahead and save her life.

“The doctor asked how much I had and I said N80,000, apart from other charges for drugs but after the operation, my wife was still complaining about the pain and the man kept collecting money from me all these years. The day the doctor conducted the operation, he started the operation from 12 pm till 8 pm and for the past five years, my wife kept complaining of severe stomach pains, I continued to take her to the same hospital because I did not want to change the doctor that started the treatment. As she continued to have the pains, I decided to go to the Jos University Teaching Hospital, JUTH a few days ago where we discovered that one of my wife’s kidneys was removed.

“We reported the matter to the Police at Nasarawa Gwong and the doctor was arrested two days ago. This morning the case was transferred to the Commissioner of Police. The Commissioner discovered that the man had never been a doctor but he had been parading himself as a doctor for over 18 years treating people in the area. He has a B.Sc in Economics and a Masters degree in Economics. He attended a nursing school but he did not complete it. He said he did Community Health.”

The spokesman of the State Police Command, Alfred Alabo could not be reached at the time of this report for comments but Kamal however pleaded for justice for his wife and others who might have been victims of the alleged quack doctor.


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